Benefits of Using Bigmall Vouchers

What is Bigmall Voucher

Bigmall Voucher is a simply way of saving time and money. It is the South African most trusted saving way operating in South Africa and Lesotho.

 Benefits of Using Bigmall Voucher:

1. Access to Grant

Bigmall voucher users can have access to Nnehe-Ke-U-Nehe grant.

2. You Get 10% Cashback 

Bigmall voucher is a guaranteed way of getting 10% cashback from all services like medical services and from all items like clothes, bags, groceries, building materials, medicines, food supplements, furniture, electronics and fast food.

The cashback is saved in your Bigmall Messenger Account in a form of points. Each point is equal to R1.00.

3. You Pay on Delivery

With Bigmall voucher, you pay when your order arrives. Your order can be items from  stores like Shoprite, Game, Clicks, Makro, Spar, Boxer, Dis-Chem Pharmacy and Cashbuild, KFC, Barcelo's,  Domino's to mention few, 

4. Discount For Medical Services And Ambulance Services     

With Bigmall Vouchers, you R50 discount for private medica services and ambulance services.

5. You Can Sharing Credit  
You can share your credit balance with a person in South Africa or Lesotho when using Bigmall voucher.

6.  You Can Buying Online and Or by Telephone

When using Bigmall Voucher, you are able to buy online and or by telephone.

7.  You Can Get Services Advance

When using Bigmall Vouchers, you can get services advance. Click here for more information about Bigmall services advance.

8. Cheapest Delivery

With Bigmall voucher, you get the cheapest delivery both South Africa and Lesotho. For example; local delivery for small items is R15. 

9. Buy With Cashback Points

With cashback points, you can use them to get services or buy things like grocery, clothes, fast food etc.