Services Advance

What is Services Advance?

Services advance is an option that allows Bigmall voucher users to receive services in advance and pay for them later.

The services are provided by our subsidiary companies, and or contracted service providers network in South Africa and Lesotho. You can get the following services:

Medical tests
Plumbing, building & roofing
Doctors' surgery consultation & treatment
Motor mechanics & panel beating
Medical House call ServicesHouse electrical installation
Ambulance servicesQuantify structural drawing 
Legal servicesMoney Loan
Meter taxisAluminium windows and doors
Delivery servicesHouse plan design
Pharmacy servicesWall furniture's and Wall wardrobes

Who is Services advance available to?

Anybody who uses Bigmall vouchers and have:

  1. Loaded Bigmall Vouchers with a minimum of R500 per month on average for the last 6 months,
  2. Or Have applied for exemption, that is, to be allowed to get services in advance immediately without the above conditions. A R380 non refundable application fee applies.


When applying or awaiting exemption results or and already using Bigmall Services Advance, your Bigmall Prepaid Account  monthly balance must not be zero.

How to pay back Services Advance cost?

You can choose to pay at the end of the month whole amount or pay in bits and pieces over a certain period.  

How much does Services Advance cost?

Every time the customer makes use of the services advance, they will be charged a R30 administrative service fee.

Need Services Advance?

Call 063 323 8324 South Africa and or 27002565 Lesotho. Or send a WhatsApp message to 072 966 7958.